Sleeping Positions To Relieve Neck Pain

Sleeping positions to relieve neck pain

Neck and Low back pain are the most common complaints seen by Family Physicians in Canada.  As Physiotherapists we often get asked… What position should I sleep in? What pillow should I use, do I need more than one? A sore neck can worsen with poor sleeping habits, however, it can the very cause as […]

Benefits of Infant Massage

Mother gently massaging her childs feet

From a physiological perspective during cell division in the womb, the soon-to-be fetus divides into 3 layers: the endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm. The ectoderm develops into the skin and brain, which forms a clear neural connection between the skin and the brain. One way to look at it is that “the brain is the innermost […]

Winnipeg Physiotherapy Clinic Offers Custom Foot Orthotics


WINNIPEG, Manitoba:  At Fit4Life Physiotherapy on Henderson Highway, clients can be fitted for custom foot orthotics.  Custom orthotics are shoe inserts that are created from casts of your feet and can be set into any type of footwear.  They benefit many different orthopedic conditions. Fit4Life Physiotherapy began as a home-based business run by Tori Sloane, […]

Back Pain From Weak Core

Did you know that low back pain could be a symptom of a weak core? Read more about how a weakened core can affect your health and what to do about it here.

Neck & Shoulder Pain – Tight Upper Trapezius

Neck and shoulder pain

When your neck and shoulders are tight with pain, it can be difficult to pinpoint what’s causing the discomfort. It’s frustrating living with sore or stiff muscles every day. Most neck and shoulder pains derive from issues with the upper trapezius in the body. The upper trapezius muscles are made up of complex structures that […]

What Exactly Does A Physiotherapist Do Anyway?

Physiotherapists Winnipeg

Living with pain can be one of the most challenging experiences to go through. There are various types of pain that someone may experience, such as pain from sports injuries, pulled/strained muscles, torn ligaments, and more. You can have chronic pain or headaches that are so bad they can be debilitating, and joint/back pain so […]

Athletic Therapist VS. Physiotherapist

physio for sports injuries

When comparing athletic therapy and physiotherapy, there are a number of similarities when it comes to treatment. While some of the methodologies are similar, the two are different professions. Confused? Don’t be. We’re here to tell you about the differences between physiotherapists and athletic therapists. This way, you’ll understand which option might be the best […]

Massage Therapy VS Physiotherapy What’s The Difference?

woman getting massage therapy

Many ask, I am having pain should I see a Physiotherapist or Massage Therapist? The answer is both are very effective to treat pain.  Winnipeg Massage Therapy is geared toward symptom management and pain relief. Resulting in a more immediate form of pain relief. Massage Therapists typically does not provide primary care for injuries, though […]

Conditions You Didn’t Know a Physiotherapist Could Treat

Physiotherapy is a self-regulated profession that encompasses the training to treat a broad array of medical conditions. Physiotherapists have a University degree and are primary health care providers skilled to assess, diagnose, and treat a variety of health conditions.  They incorporate their comprehensive knowledge of the human body and translate it into a customized treatment […]