Winnipeg Physiotherapy Clinic Adds New Waitlist Feature To Booking Software


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WINNIPEG, Manitoba:  Fit4Life Physiotherapy, a professional physiotherapy clinic located at 3-2665 Henderson Highway, is expanding its online booking services.  Clients who are put on waitlists for physio or massage services will now be emailed directly and have the opportunity to book an appointment on the spot if one becomes available.  

Founded in 2018, Fit4Life Physiotherapy is a wellness centre that grew organically out of owner Tori Sloane’s passion for helping Winnipegers stay active and her belief that physiotherapy can help people of any age and fitness level.  After more than 10 years in private practice, she opened the Fit4Life office, where she began collaborating with other clinicians.  Today, Fit4Life has 8 team members and offers a wide range of services, including: Physiotherapy for adults and children; pelvic floor therapy for adults and children; massage therapy, infant massage therapy, and prenatal massage therapy; dry needling and acupuncture; and custom foot orthotics.  

At Fit4Life Physiotherapy, comprehensive online booking is available through the clinic’s website.  Clients can select appointments based on the type of service they are looking for, the times and dates they are available, or the specific clinician they are hoping to see.  Recently, Fit4Life also added a new feature: Direct notification if a client was waitlisted and an appointment becomes available.  

Tori Sloane explains: “We have a new option on our clinic software that sends an email to clients when they’re waitlisted for an appointment and a spot opens up.  It sends an email notification as soon as an appointment becomes available and then allows you to simply click ‘book now’.”  Sloane adds that clients are already expressing appreciation for this convenient and automated service and hopes it will continue to further streamline Fit4Life’s booking process.

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