General FAQ

Your physiotherapist will outline a treatment plan that revolves around your assessment and diagnosis. How many treatments you’ll receive will be based on the severity of your injury. Some treatments can be as short as a couple of weeks, whereas others may require months. Upon average, patients may attend two sessions a week for 2-4 weeks.

Physiotherapists must complete a two-year master’s degree on top of a four-year bachelor’s degree in medical rehabilitation and physical therapy.

There isn’t a notable difference between a physiotherapist and a physical therapist. They are synonyms; in the USA, they use the term physical therapist, and in Canada, it’s called a physiotherapist instead.

You don’t necessarily need to be injured to see a physiotherapist. If something doesn’t feel right in your body or you feel stiffness in a specific area, this is enough to seek the help of a trained physiotherapist. You can have your pain or injury assessed by a physiotherapist by your movement, strength, and body mechanics of the affected area. Physiotherapy is a great tool in the prevention of injury and injury rehabilitation. It’s a good idea to come in and get assessed before your pain worsens over time and begins to affect your daily life.

You don’t need a prescription from a doctor. Physiotherapists are primary health care providers and don’t need a doctor’s prescription to assess you and provide treatment. However, many insurance providers require a prescription from a physician to cover the services that the physiotherapist is providing. Check with your insurance provider to ensure you have proper coverage.

As of right now, Manitoba Health, unfortunately, doesn’t cover the cost of physiotherapy.

Yes, we direct bill to over 25 insurance providers, such as Canada Life, Desjardins, Green Shield, and more. See the complete list below

Yes. At Fit4Life, all our physiotherapists are qualified to perform acupuncture.

Who We Directly Bill To

  • WCB
  • MPI
  • Manitoba Blue Cross
  • Medavie:
    • RCMP
    • DVA
    • CAF
    • NATIONAL Blue Cross
  • Sun Life
  • Canada Life
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Johnson Inc
  • Johnston Group
  • Claim Secure
  • La Capitale/Beneva
  • Coughlin
  • Manion
  • Cowan
  • Manulife
  • Desjardins
  • Maximum Benefit
  • First Canadian
  • People Corporation
  • Sirius Benefit
  • RWAM
  • Group Health
  • Group Source
  • GMS Carriers 49 & 50
  • Union Benefits
  • UV Insurance
  • Green Shield
  • SSQ
  • Equitable Life
  • The Cooperators
  • Nexgen RX
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If you cannot find an appointment time that best suits you please contact the clinic OR email your physiotherapist and we will do our best to accommodate you!