Managing Work Related Injuries With Physiotherapy


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Work related injuries are stressful for many reasons. No one likes to be in pain or deal with the navigation of the lengthy and sometimes stressful claims process. You must also deal with being absent from work for a period of time or abiding to restricted hours or duties. This can be exceptionally difficult if you work in a private sector occupation. This can impact your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. 

Every workplace can have their safety hazards that may lead to workplace injuries. 

It’s important your injury be reported and treated in a timely fashion. Starting your Physiotherapy treatments will get you back to your workplace duties faster, as well as, avoid chronic pain or reinjury.

A Physiotherapist will not only treat your injury but also act as your advocate to ensure the return-to-work process is as smooth as possible. The Worker’s Compensation board, if your employer has this insurance option, can cover treatment expenses, loss of wages, small exercise equipment, mileage to appointments, and medications if deemed medically necessary. Your Physiotherapist and WCB communicate to one another regarding your rehab journey. This way you can just focus on your recovery with as little stress as possible. Some things the Physiotherapist will advocate for on your behalf  are workplace restrictions, graduated hours, as well as any medical equipment such as brace, or small exercise equipment needed to assist in your recovery. 

Benefits of Physiotherapy:

Among the most significant advantages of Physiotherapy is long term pain relief. The pain you feel in your body from your workplace injuries can compound on an old sport injury, previous arthritis or perhaps is being worsened by posture/ergonomics for example.

Pain Reduction:

If the pain is beginning to impact your daily life (ie.  physical and/or mental health). It’s time to seek Physiotherapy treatment. Physiotherapy can help reduce your pain, wean from certain medications ie. anti-inflammatory / pain relievers, due to pain reduction. To Note: with weaning meds it is always important to talk to your doctor and Pharmacist for the best scenario to do so regarding your overall health and injury diagnosis. 

Improved Mobility, Strength & Balance:

Individuals who have suffered an injury whether they have been bed ridden (non- weightbearing) or had limited activity as deemed medical to recover from an injury or surgery can take a very long time to regain their normal motor skills. Literally some individuals need to learn how to walk again. Unfortunately, we lose strength, balance, and mobility much quicker than we gain it. Upon Depending on the injury some find daily tasks to seem significantly challenging due to  pain. Physiotherapy can be extremely helpful in this instance. Your Physiotherapist with the use of manual therapy, soft tissue release, joint mobilizations, exercises, and education ( posture, ergonomics, phases of healing and recovery, hurt vs harm), and modalities ( TENS, IFC, ultrasound, Acupuncture, Dry Needling) will help you regain strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, coordination, as well as, improve quality of life. 

If you have recently been injured on the job, consider seeking physiotherapy for workplace injuries in Winnipeg to help you recover and return to work. Don’t wait if you are suffering from a workplace injury. We are here to help you! 

“Take care of your body and it will take care of you!” –Fit4Life Physiotherapy

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