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infant massages winnipeg

At Fit4Life Physiotherapy, we understand how critical it is to support a baby’s growth. Our infant massage service offers a safe and soothing setting for parents and their young children to interact and bond via touch. Our certified massage therapists have received training in the use of mild methods that encourage calmness, enhance the quality of sleep and arouse the nervous system. We value the health of both parent and child at our clinic, and we’re delighted to provide Winnipeg families with our specialist services.

What is an Infant Massage?

An infant massage is a therapeutic practice that involves the gentle manipulation of a baby’s muscles and joints through touch. The method entails using precise hand motions and strokes that are catered to the infant’s needs and preferences. The massage can be performed by a parent or a trained massage therapist and can take place on a bed, changing table, mat or towel. An infant massage aims to induce relaxation and strengthen the parent-child relationship through touch.

When to start a baby massage

It’s generally recommended to start an infant massage once your baby is at least a few weeks old, however you should still be introducing touch to them the moment they’re born. If you’re unsure when to start massaging your infant, consult with your pediatrician.


It’s important to choose a warm and comfortable area for an infant massage. The massage therapist will lay the child on a changing table or bed and maintain eye contact. While the baby is on their back, the massage therapist will start rubbing their head and move down to their feet. Most massage therapists will talk to the child to help them relax and promote an enjoyable atmosphere. In some cases, baby massage oil can be used to eliminate friction.

Infants are delicate. The main goal of an infant massage is to soothe the child, stimulate growth, and help them with gas, cramps, and constipation. The main points targeted are the infant’s feet, legs, head, face, chest, back, and belly. A trained massage therapist will use firm but gentle slow strokes as they massage your infant.

Infant massages can be soothing for your child. Babies can receive a massage after the first few weeks after birth. As long as your baby seems to be enjoying the massage, it’s perfectly okay. They should look calm and content when receiving a massage. The only time to avoid massaging an infant is directly after feeding, as it can cause vomiting. Wait at least 45 minutes after feeding before providing an infant massage.

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