Winnipeg Physiotherapy Clinic Offers Custom Foot Orthotics


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WINNIPEG, Manitoba:  At Fit4Life Physiotherapy on Henderson Highway, clients can be fitted for custom foot orthotics.  Custom orthotics are shoe inserts that are created from casts of your feet and can be set into any type of footwear.  They benefit many different orthopedic conditions.

Fit4Life Physiotherapy began as a home-based business run by Tori Sloane, physiotherapist, alongside her adorable and very friendly therapy dogs, Gracie and Peanut.  As Sloane’s client base grew, she decided to relocate and hire other clinicians to assist with the growing demand for her services.  Today, Fit4Life’s team consists of eight knowledgeable clinicians who provide treatments that include a range of physiotherapy methods (pediatric and pelvic floor physio among them) as well as massage therapy, dry needling and acupuncture, and custom foot orthotics.  

If you’re a little unsure what orthotics are all about, you’re not alone.  According to Sloane, many people are unfamiliar with the purpose and benefits of getting custom orthotics.  “Essentially, the orthotics work by bringing the ground up to your foot,” says Sloane.  “This minimizes maligned joints and supports the affected areas needed in a neutral position.  These malalignments can cause our gait mechanics to put unnecessary stress on our joints and tissues, thus causing pain into the feet, lower extremities, and even travelling up the back.”  

At Fit4Life, a physiotherapist will perform a thorough gait analysis and assessment, as well as cast a mould of your foot in a neutral position.  Your feet can be cast for all types of footwear, including runners, everyday shoes, dress shoes, and even skates!

Though a doctor’s referral with a diagnosis may be necessary to make an insurance claim for orthotics, no referral is required if a client plans to pay for orthotics privately.  Some of the common conditions that custom orthotics can benefit include Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinosis, Osteoarthritis, and many more.
For more information about Fit4Life Physiotherapy and the services it provides, visit Fit4Life Physio.

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